The Tohoku Earthquake
Tayler Rosen & Sarah Davis
Mrs. Smith 5th hour
April 8, 2011
This quake occurred at :
5:46 March 11

This quake occurred
Near the coast of Honshu, Japan

The magnitude of this quake was
Basic Background Information
Effects on the environment/earth
How are earthquakes measured?

What does magnitude mean?
Amount of energy,

How is magnitude measured?
Richter scale
cracks earths surface

land deformed

trees fallen down
Damage Caused by Earthquakes

Effects on the People of Japan
collapsing buildings

cracks in the earth

broken house hold items
collapsed buliding

Effects on the Economy of Japan
What are earthquake waves called?
seismic waves

What two types of seismic waves are there?
body waves and surface waves

What two types of body waves are there?
P and S waves
car companies were shut down

cars coming to the U.S were destroyed

tons of people were killed
Body Waves

GPS Sensors
How do P waves travel?
They move back and forth

How do S waves travel?
They move side to side.

Which move faster?
P waves move faster.
One interesting fact about this earthquake is that it moved
several GPS sensors.

This will require gps sensors to be reset

How does elastic rebound explain this movement?
there was a lot of energy in the earthquake so it moved japan
Elastic Rebound
An explanation for how energy is spread during earthquakes

all of the boundaries
What is a tsunami?
a big wave that happens after an earthquake

How do tsunami waves appear at sea?
they get triggered after an earthquake shakes the ground

How high can tsunami waves be?
they can be as tall as a skyscraper

How fast can tsunami waves move?
really fast
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