Information about Earthquakes
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The Tohoku Earthquake
Julia McLean
Mrs. Smith
4th hour
April 8, 2011
This quake occurred at :
3-14-11, 5:35:00 p.m.

This quake occurred
Honshu, Japan

The magnitude of this quake was
Basic Background Information
Effects on the environment/earth
How are earthquakes measured?
Earthquakes are measured by seismographs.

What does magnitude mean?
Magnitude is the size of an Earthquake.

How is magnitude measured?
Magnitude is measured by the intensity of the shaking.
Buildings break.

Loss of food and jobs.

A lot of people died.
Damage Caused by Earthquakes

Effects on the People of Japan
Earthquakes can cause buildings to tumble over and fall.

Damage to things that are fragile.

It could cause loss of jobs, if buildings break down then people
wont have a place to work.

You can also lose power if power lines fall down.
They lost a lot of their family in the quake.

They lose there jobs.

Barely any food to go around.
Effects on the Economy of Japan
What are earthquake waves called? There called
Seismic waves.

What two types of seismic waves are there?
Body waves and surface waves.

What two types of body waves are there?
P waves and S waves
They lose money.

Less people.

People lose their jobs.
Body Waves

GPS Sensors
How do P waves travel?
P waves travel through solids and liquids.

How do S waves travel?
S waves travel only through solids.

Which move faster?
P waves.
One interesting fact about this earthquake is that it moved
several GPS sensors.

This will require needing different ways to do research
on the plate boundaries we cannot detect by other
ways of technology.

How does elastic rebound explain this movement?
The elastic rebound explains this movementby
Elastic Rebound
The elastic rebound is when a fault breaks through Earth's surface.

The elastic rebound occurs at faults.
What is a tsunami?
A tsunami is a series of waves caused from underground disturbance in the ocean caused from
earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

How do tsunami waves appear at sea?
They appear as tidal waves.

How high can tsunami waves be?
They can be as high as 100 feet.

How fast can tsunami waves move? They can travel as fast as 450 miles
per hour.
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