The Tohoku Earthquake
Charles Yoder
Andrew MarkhamMrs. Smith
4th hour
April 8, 2011
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Basic Background Information
Effects on the environment/earth
How are earthquakes measured?
Scientists measure earthquakes by studying seismic waves

What does magnitude mean?
The strength of the vibrations caused by an earthquake.

How is magnitude measured?
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The radiation leaks from the nuclear power plants harm wildlife

The tsunami's could destroy oil ships and release it into the ocean

Fires could harm plants and wildlife

Damage Caused by Earthquakes
Effects on the People of Japan
Buildings breaking, people die, tsunami's,
People are devastated by the number of people lost in the earthquake.

Japans economy has declined from the lack of workers and resources.

People have lost their homes and cars.
Effects on the Economy of Japan
What are earthquake waves called?
Seismic waves.

What two types of seismic waves are there?
There are seismic and body waves.

What two types of body waves are there?
S waves and P waves.
Resources could be destroyed.

Exports Would be down because of destroyed ports.

There is a lack of electricity because of nuclear meltdowns.
Body Waves
GPS Sensors
How do P waves travel?
They shake the ground as they travel through both solid rock and

How do S waves travel?
They follow P waves only through solid material.

Which move faster?
P waves
One interesting fact about this earthquake is that it moved
several GPS sensors.

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How does elastic rebound explain this movement?
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Elastic Rebound
Elastic rebound is a Method used by geologists to explain earthquakes and surface

In what type of plate boundary does
elastic rebound occur?

Elastic rebound occurs a strike slip faults.
What is a tsunami?
Tsunamis are large waves of water caused by shifts in plates under earths

How do tsunami waves appear at sea?
Land Slides of plates shooting up could cause tunamis in the sea

How high can tsunami waves be?
It depends on the cause

How fast can tsunami waves move?
It depends on the size.
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