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The Tohoku Earthquake
Alyssa Mexico & Martha Mejia Mrs. Smith

4th April 8, 2011
This quake occurred at :

This quake occurred
off the northeast coast of Japan.

The magnitude of this quake was
Basic Background Information
Effects on the environment/earth
How are earthquakes measured?
Earthquakes are measured with the Moment Magnitude Scale.

What does magnitude mean?
Magnitude is the measurement of the energy of an earthquake.

How is magnitude measured?
Magnitude is measured with a seismograph.
Japans coastline may have shifted 4m to the east.

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Caused a tsunami.

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Shortened the length of the day.

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Damage Caused by Earthquakes
Effects on the People of Japan

Buildings collapse


Cracks in Earth's surface.
Food and water is unsafe because of traces of radiation.

17,400 people are still missing &209,00 homes still don't have electricity

There is radiation in the air.
Effects on the Economy of Japan
What are earthquake waves called?
Seismic waves

What two types of seismic waves are there?
P waves & S waves

What two types of body waves are there?
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Body Waves
GPS Sensors
How do P waves travel?
They quickly vibrate back and forth in the waves pathway.

How do S waves travel?
They travel side to side and up and down.

Which move faster?
P waves.
One interesting fact about this earthquake is that it moved
several GPS sensors.

This will require changes as the result of the shift

How does elastic rebound explain this movement?
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Elastic Rebound
A mechanism used by geologists to explain earthquakes and surface ruptures
seen when a deep fault's movement breaks through the Earth's surface.


In what type of plate boundary does
elastic rebound occur?

Transform Boundary.
What is a tsunami?
Extremely powerful waves.

How do tsunami waves appear at sea?
Undersea disturbances.
How high can tsunami waves be?
120 feet

How fast can tsunami waves move?
500 mph
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